Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer a safe, healthy alternative to glasses wear and can be worn full time or as an occasional change, for nights out and sports wear.

We are able to supply all the leading brands of contact lenses such as:

Most contact lens wearers choose Soft lenses which are made of a comfortable, soft pliable material.

These lenses are generally worn during the day and stored over night in a simple disinfecting solution. They are usually replaced on a regular monthly basis to keep the lenses fresh and hygienic. Some of the more advanced contact lenses can be worn overnight on an extended wear basis but this is not suitable for everybody’s eyes.
Daily contact lenses are ideal for part time wear because they are kept sterile before they are inserted and thrown away after a single use. This makes them convenient and healthy.

We also supply the more traditional Gas permeable lenses which are more suitable for some prescriptions.

You can purchase your lenses on a traditional pay as you go basis but we also have a popular monthly payment scheme, which makes purchasing your replacement lenses even easier.