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Eye Examinations Maghull

Eye Tests For The Whole Family

Our thorough eye tests are suitable for all ages and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that any potential concerns are spotted early.

We have many child friendly ways to check the vision, development and health of the eyes and if a problem is caught when the child is young then the risk of permanent difficulties and decreased vision is greatly reduced.

All of our Private and NHS eye examinations are carried out on the premises by our qualified professional staff.

Should you need new eyewear or contact lenses following your test, our friendly team can help find the best frames or products for you.


NHS & Private Eye Test Appointments

A child’s sight test is covered by the NHS and so is free up to the age of 16 and up to 19 years of age if they’re still in full time education. Children may also be eligible for discounted or free eyewear

As an adult, you may also be entitled to an NHS eye test. If you are unsure about if you are entitled to an NHS eye examination, please contact us.


You can also upgrade your NHS exam to include our state of the art OCT technology.


OCT Scanning

Optical Coherence Tomography or OCT is non-invasive and uses light to see a 3D view of your retina which allows our Optometrists to see a more of your eye and beneath the surface to identify concerns even earlier.

Your scan results can also be used and compared to spot any changes in your eye.

If you have never had an OCT scan before or would like to know more ahead of your appointment, please get in touch and we will be happy to talk you through it.

OCT Scans
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